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Connecting Dots


We give you peace of mind

Our team of professional threat analysts provide you
with quick intrusion detections, pinpoint analysis and peace of mind.


Security Assessment


  • Provides the basic milestones and guidelines to secure your environment. It evaluates your current security posture identifying potential risks and vulnerabilities. Our approach follows the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) 800-30 guidelines to assess you network infrastructure with the following steps:

    • Vulnerabilities Identification: Identifies flaws or weaknesses that could be exploited by Hackers.  Usually outdated or unpatched systems.

    • Controls Analysis: Analyzes what controls are in place to detect, prevent or mitigate threats. (Firewalls, access controls, authentication and antivirus tools).

    • Breach Probability Analysis: Assesses security breach’s probability based on existing controls, threats and vulnerabilities evaluation.

    • Report: Presents assessment’s results to help management make decisions on changes in: policy, procedures, budget and operations. Describes threats and vulnerabilities with specific recommendations for you.


  • System Characterization: Inventories key technology components including: applications, hardware, operating systems and endpoint devices.


Security Operations


  • 24x7 Managed Detection and Response through:​

    • Malware and Intrusion Analysis: We review any suspicious malware samples, flagged and forwarded to our SOC, to later provide the status to your IT/Security team.

    • Incident Notification: We review alerts and suspicious leads identified by our threat hunting platform and notify your team of any issues that require your attention immediately.

    • Managed Reports: Your team will receive reports that include information about the performance of our SOC team (SLAs and Metrics) and monthly security event statistics to help you improve your security posture and compliance.

  • Real-time correlation of security events: Our Security tools allow real-time correlation of all your available data to create a logic story of any suspicious event occurred in your environment. That gives our SOC lots of information to analyze and report back to you the status of those events.



  • Define Target Objectives: We can target your internal and external networks, web applications, wireless technology and even socially engineer your staff to help you understand and prioritize our results.

  • Identification and Assessment: Our Ethical Hackers perform comprehensive and targeted penetration tests that will identify risks and help you assess whether your critical data and infrastructure is in danger.

  • Reporting and Recommendations: Our team will provide a detailed report of all vulnerabilities and misconfigurations found as well as the paths they took through your systems. We will detail recommended mitigation strategies to better assist you in bolstering your security posture.

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